1. An Assessment of Business Feasibility of Raising Backyard Chickens in Afghanistan By Rahmatullah Hamraz.

  2. Identification of Factors Effecting Female Entrepreneurs’ Performance: A Study Based on Handicraft Industry in Kabul City By Najma Qurbani

  3.  Female Engineers’ Perceptions of Opportunities and Barriers to Owning their Construction Companies By Muzhda Mehrzad

  4. The Impact of Food Advertising on Buying Behavior of Children in Kabul: A Study Using a Multi-factor and Dimensional Approach By Jawad Azimi

  5. Customer Service: A study of Customer Satisfaction in Afghan Commercial Banks By Shekib Naweed Humkar

  6. Feasibility of Implementing Sukuk in to Afghanistan Market By: Mohammad Akbar Nory

  7. Challenges Female-Owned Small and Medium Enterprises (FSMEs) Face in Obtaining Capital in Afghanistan By Ghulam Destageer Haidari

  8. Impact of ATM Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction: The Case from Afghan Commercial Banks By Hamid Hamrah

  9. An Exploratory Study of Islamic Banking in Private Banks in Kabul By Lina Safi

  10. A Descriptive Study of Service and Delivery Quality in Afghanistan Banks By Manizha Sadat

  11. Assessment of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: A Study of Afghanistan Mobile Telecommunications Sector By Sohaila Forogh


  13. The Factors Affecting Small and Medium Enterprises: Access to Finance in Afghanistan By Safiullah Amid

  14. A Descriptive Study of Youth Attitudes to the Commercialization of Sports in Afghanistan By Sohaib Obaidi

  15. A Study of Effects of Micro Finance on Success of Businesses: The Case of Afghan SMEs By Sughra Amiry

  16. A Study of the Customer Satisfaction in State Owned Banks and understanding why customers
    choose New Kabul Bank even after its bankruptcy By: Sheela Samimy.

  17. Factors Effecting Small and Medium Saffron Enterprises in Afghanistan By: Mariam Shirjani.

  18. The Determinants of Effective Monitoring and Evaluations Systems in Non-Governmental Organizations in Afghanistan By Mohibullah Sidique.

  19. Road Operations and Maintenance Performance at Ministry of Public Works in Afghanistan By: Ahmad Mukhtar Rashidi.

  20. The Determinants of Commercial Banks Profitability in Afghanistan By: Abdull Ghafoor Sohail

  21. The Determinants of Customer Satisfaction in Kabul: Evidence from Restaurant Industry By: Hamidullah Hamidy