IT Services

Library Computers

The IT department provides a computer account and subsequent access to the Internet for all students. Network users are expected to use all network resources for purposes appropriate to the educational environment. Users must avoid using websites that are not consistent with the policies, purposes, or objectives of AUAF.

Library computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and are not reservable. Personal items left unattended near or around a computer station does not deem exclusive use of that station. Items may be removed so that other students may use that computer.

Printing and Photocopying Services

Printing is available through the university’s computer network. Before using the library’s printers, students must open a print account at IT in the Bayat Building.


Photocopying services are available at the Student Photocopying Center. The center is adjacent to the library but is only accessible by entering the library and turning left.

Wireless Access

In order to use the library network via wireless access, you must ensure you have a wireless networking capable laptop PC. Access to the library's wireless network does not require any authentication. Students may use their personal laptops to connect to the wireless network anywhere within the library.
The IT Department staff, located in the Bayat Building, is available at all times for the configuration of student laptops. Please approach one of the staff for assistance.